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The Base Loop Trail starts to the left of the house and is mostly a level grade.  It continues straight for several hundred feet alongside a wetland.  After passing through a small field, you enter the woods.  On the left you will notice the sugar house.  (You can access the Sugar Trail behind this building)  Further down the Base Loop Trail, you will find yourself at the entrance to the butterfly garden.  From there it turns to the left, and reenters the forest, meandering beside intermittent streams and large grape vines stretching up to the forest canopy.  You will pass the junction of the Green Trail, which breaks off to the right.  Continue on past a variety of ferns.  The remains of an old stone wall are a reminder of Up Yonda’s agricultural past.  The trail ends at the field, just above the museum.  This is a self-guided trail with a map and guide that lets the user read about points of interest along the way.

The Sugar Trail was put in specifically to highlight the Maple sugar house which opened in March of 2000.  The trail connects the top part of the Base Loop Trail to the sugar house, which is located on the lower part of the Base Loop Trail.  This trail allows for easier transport of sap, which means more tasty maple syrup!  This is a short trail, with a gentle slope.  The bridge on this trail was put in to allow passage over a damp area, which in the spring and summer is home to many lush ferns and other plant life.

The Meadow Trail connects an open field to the Sugar Trail. The open field allows for bluebird watching in the spring and early summer.  The Meadow Trail is another short hike. The Sugar and Meadow Trails were recent additions to Up Yonda’s trail system. These trails are both short, yet they allow you to take a quick, peaceful stroll and to connect to other trails on the grounds.

Field Traverse Trail
This trail begins at the bottom of the field / hill.  Zigzagging along mowed paths bordered by bluebirds, butterflies, and wild flowers, this trail moderates the steep climb.  At the top of the small hill (150’ up in elevation), one is rewarded with a wonderful view of the mouth of the narrows of Lake George.  After enjoying the view, continue on a level wooded trail that ends in a parking lot at Federal Hill Road.  A few hundred feet North on the road brings you to Federal Hill Cemetery, the oldest in Bolton Landing.  Return along the same trail.

Green Trail - Summit Trail
This combo is the best, starting out moderate and then ending with ease. The Green Trail spurs off of the Base Loop Trail.  It begins to climb at a moderate rate as you meander up the grade. Enjoy the 80-year-old mixed forest stand, and the sounds produced within.  Ovenbirds, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, thrushes, and kinglets are commonly heard.  Along the way, notice evidence of early Bolton life via rock walls and water catches for cattle and sheep. The trail levels off and passes by a patch of white pines; continue until you reach the junction of the Summit Trail. Turn left towards The Vista.  (Right will take you to Federal Hill Rd.) After walking a short distance, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake George. This is one of the real gems of Up Yonda Farm.  Sit on a bench and enjoy the view of 14 islands and 7 mountains in the forest preserve. To return, walk down the field while enjoying the scenery.

The Summit Extension is the newest trail (opened in the summer 2003) at Up Yonda Farm and allows hikers to walk through a thick forest that has not had human visitors in hundreds of years. This trail also connects to the Cemetery Spur, which allows you visit Federal Hill Cemetery, which the burial site of many prominent members of Bolton Landing’s past, including Up Yonda Farms very own benefactors, Alice and John Scott. After hiking the Cemetery Spur and finishing the Summit Extension, you find yourself back on the Green Trail, just a short hike from either the Scenic Vista or the Butterfly Garden 

Green Spur
This trail was opened to the public in the summer of 2002.  The Green Spur Trail is the trail you want to take if you do not wish to go any further up the Green Trail, but still with to get a view of Lake George. Starting from the Green Trail, you make your way past a sleeping giant sugar maple.  It is long since been alive, but is now returning nutrients to the forest floor as fungus, lichens and mold break down the wood. As you cross over intermittent streams you make your way to the old rock wall, similar to those along the Base Loop Trail.  Listen for bird calls and sounds of other wildlife as you walk and especially as you approach the “edge” of the forest. This is the boundary between two very different ecosystems and a good place to watch wildlife. The trail starts to brighten as you pass over the old rock wall and get a unique southern view of Lake George.

Cemetery Spur
Just a short jog off the Summit Extension Trail, the Cemetery Spur will take you to Federal Hill Cemetery. This cemetery contains some of the earliest settlers of Bolton Landing. Some of the headstones date back over two hundred years. The former owners of Up Yonda Farm, Alice and John Scott are buried here.

Federal Hill Cemetery
This cemetery contains some of the earliest settlers of Bolton Landing. Some of the headstones date back over two hundred years. The former owners of Up Yonda Farm, Alice and John Scott are also buried here.

Information Booth
This is the orientation point for visitors to Up Yonda Farm.  Trail maps and program information can be obtained here.  The booth is staffed during the summer only.  During the rest of the year, you must register in the office (located in the white farm house).

The old farm house serves as office space for Up Yonda Farm staff. It is also used for public events like our pancake breakfast and birthday parties.