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    Up Yonda Farm was donated to Warren County by long time Bolton Landing residents, Alice and John Scott. Over the years, the Scott's took great pride in caring for the grounds of Up Yonda. Their intent was to create an environment where visitors could learn while enjoying nature. Today, Up Yonda Farm is operated by Warren County Parks and Recreation.
The name Up Yonda comes from Doctor Willie Meyer who referred to the farm as his place"Up Yonda" during the early 1900's Alice's mother, Anna DeJonge purchased the property in 1932 and later sold it to Alice in 1945. The DeJonge family was from Staten Island, where they owned a paint pigment company.
    John Scott was from Ontario, Canada. He met Alice while visiting his sister, Helen Hamilton, who lived in the Bolton area. John and Alice spent many years together at Up Yonda Farm. They ran a tourist cabin business, raised chickens, and operated an egg business. The Scott's were both real estate brokers, and maintained beautiful perennial and vegetable gardens.
A mutual respect for Up Yonda led them to donate the property and a trust fund to Warren County. Their wish was to transform Up Yonda Farm into an Environmental Education Center.


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