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Lake George Vista

    The summit of Up Yonda Farm offers a spectacular vista overlooking Lake George. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lake while gazing at its many islands and surrounding mountain peaks. During 1999 an interpretive panel was placed at an ideal vantage point. The exhibit allows the reader to identify various geographic features, and orient themselves to the site. The text reveals the geologic formation of the Lake George basin, and interesting geographic details. A message of stewardship and protection of the watershed promotes the importance of preserving water quality. The panel was funded by the Lake George Association, and designed by Up Yonda Farm.








Lake George "The Queen of American Lakes"

What makes Lake George so special?
    In 1791, Thomas Jefferson wrote: Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw. Today, the pristine waters of Lake George serve as drinking water for local towns. Rugged mountains encompass the lake and more than 170 islands dot the water creating unmatchable scenery. Its diverse ecosystem supports an abundance of plants and animals.

    The formation of the Lake George basin took place over millions of years. Significant geologic activity occurred 100,000 to 13,000 years ago, as retreating glaciers carved out this lake.

    Previously, it was two separate river valleys. One river flowed south through Dunhams Bay into the Hudson River, while the other ran north through the Narrows. Glacial deposits created a debris dam that blocked the southerly flow. Lake George was formed when the rising waters merged the two rivers. The lake now flows north towards Lake Champlain. The glaciers left behind trails of broken up rock, forming many of the islands you see before you.

Why is Lake George one of the cleanest lakes in the world?

    Lake George has a small watershed. Therefore, rainwater has less of an area to pick up pollution on its way to the lake. As you can see, the surrounding mountains are heavily forested. The forest cover slows the flow of water and reduces erosion and pollution. Large tracts of undeveloped land still border the lake shore and act as an important buffer strip.

    Organizations like the Lake George Association local municipalities and other agencies work together to help monitor and maintain the "Class‑AA Special" water quality of Lake George. Keeping septic systems in good condition, planting trees, and keeping shoreline development to a minimum can help keep Lake George clean, healthy and "The Queen of American Lakes."

Lake Facts

  • Elevation: 323 feet above sea level

  • Length: 32 miles

  • Maximum depth: 200 feet

  • Average width: 1.5 miles

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