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Warren County
Warren County DPW
Warren County Parks and Recreation
Warren County Tourism
Warren County Soil and Water
New York State DEC
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Nature Centers and Museums
Childrens Museum of Science
Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Adk Interpretive Center in Newcomb
Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park
Albany Pine Bush Preserve
The Wild Center
Adirondack Museum
Shelburne Farms
Pember Museum of Natural History
World Awareness Childrens Museum

Regional History
Lakes to Locks

Wildlife and Nature
American Museum of Natural History
Monarch Watch
Butterflies of North America
Wildlife Rehabilitators in New York
Wildlife Photographs and Images
Bat Conservation International
Journey North (Migration)
Attracting Butterflies

Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Birds)
Attracting Songbirds

Hudson Mohawk Bird Club
North American Bluebird Society
The Birdhouse Network
The Eastern Bluebird
Attracting Hummingbirds
Bird Watching
Bird Watching
Bird Watching for Kids
State Birds of the USA
Guide to Bird Watching

Private Organizations
Lake George Association
Lake George Land Conservancy
Adirondack Mountain Club
Darren Freshwater Institute RPI
The Fund for Lake George