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Hotels, Motels and Campgrounds

We provide a quality, low-cost visitor experience to vacationers.

Up Yonda’s summer nature programs are presented at our facility and off-site at various locations in the region.

On-Site Programs
Public programs are presented at Up Yonda Farm during July and August. The topics are designed to appeal to both children and adults. Your guests can also enjoy our butterfly garden, natural history museum, picnic shelter, and hiking trails.

Outreach Programs
We will offer outreach programs to hotels, motels and campgrounds in the summer of 2013. All our programs include a PowerPoint show and engaging activities that encourage audience participation.  We can adapt our presentation to your facility. Following is a partial list of topics we offer as outreach programs.

Pond Life    
Take a close look at the water boatman, the red spotted newt, and other aquatic life that can be found in a pond. You will learn about these animals and how to identify them! If there is no water at your site, we will bring the creatures.

Wild Things
Discover the fascinating lives of reptiles and amphibians. Learn more about snakes, newts, turtles and others native to the Adirondack region.

Learn about the lives of the fascinating honeybee.  What makes a bee a bee? Find out as you learn about the body parts of an insect. You will also explore the roles of the different bees in the hive and find out how bees are beneficial for people and other animals.  Students will also see the parts of a hive and learn about beekeeping.  Don’t worry, no live bees.

A variety of butterfly species can be found during the summer in our region. We’ll look at the life cycle of these amazing insects. Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico every fall, a distance of over 2000 miles!

Starlab Planetarium  
Stars have long been an inspiration. We’ll learn how to identify some of the summer constellations and listen to the stories that made them famous. This program will be held inside a portable planetarium. Adequate space is required. Subject to equipment availability.

2016 Schedule

worker bee
            with pollen baskets

red spotted newt

green frog