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Public Programs

August 2013

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Backyard Birds
August 1st

$5 per person (members: no charge)
Birds are beautiful and fun to watch. Come and learn how to identify birds in your backyard. Bring your binoculars and be ready to hike.

Build a Bluebird Box
August 2nd
$12 per kit, members $7 per kit, woodworking program
Build a house for the state bird of New York!  Bluebirds are beautiful and fun to watch. All our kits are pre cut and ready to assemble with a staff member. They make a great family project. Click here to register for this program or call 644-9767.

Open House
August 5th
Enjoy some fun, nature-themed family activities for FREE! Donít miss this opportunity to come see what Up Yonda Farm is all about!

Planetarium Show
AKA: Starlab
August 6th,7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, and 13th

$5 per person, members:no charge.
Experience astronomy in Starlab! Come learn about the summer sky in our indoor planetarium. You will learn how to identify some of the major constellations and stars, while hearing Native American and Greek stories of how they were created.

Campfire Stories
August 9th

$6 per person, members: no charge

Get in on this traditional summer family experience! We'll share funny and exciting stories while snacking on smores in the great outdoors.

August 14th and 15th

$5 per person (members: no charge)
Graceful and colorful creatures decorate Up Yonda's butterfly garden. Get a close-up view of butterflies, learn how to identify them, and use nets to try and catch some of them in our field!

Archaeology and History of Up Yonda Farm
August 16th
$5 per person (members: no charge)
Join In A Real Dig!   
Discover the basics of Archeology as we dig for artifacts from the past at Up Yonda Farm. Learn about our history and check out some artifacts from previous digs on the property. Special guest Linda White of the National Park Service will present this program.

August 19th and 20th

$5 per person (members: no charge)
Introduction to Orienteering
We'll cover the basic skills of using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar terrain.

Bats and Owls
AKA: Dark Wings
August 21nd, 22nd, and 23rd

$5 per person, members: no charge

Discover the creatures that rule the night sky. See the lighter side of these beneficial animals that have long been a source of fear in the dark.

GPS & Geocaching
August 26th and 27th
$5 per person (members: no charge)
Get familiar with hand held GPS units and be confident of your location in the woods. Then we'll discover geocaching, the high tech treasure hunt that gets more popular every day! 

Monarch Watch
September 21st

$4 per person, members: no charge
Monarch Watch is a network of volunteers dedicated to monitoring the fall migration of Monarch butterflies in North America. Learn more about the life cycle of this amazing insect. We have seen only one wild adult monarch and have found only one caterpillar so far. This has been the lowest population year for monarchs on record. We'll look at some reasons why.
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