Frequently Asked Questions

About your visit

Are you open?

We’re open Tuesday - Saturday from 8am to 4pm

Are you a seasonal business?

We’re open year round and offer seasonally based nature programs and activities.

Do I need a reservation?

No, you can visit Up Yonda Farm without a reservation, but reservations are recommended and sometimes required for our special programs.

How do I check in and pay the day use fee?

You can do both on our website or after you park in the lot, you can walk up to the white Farmhouse and check in with one of our Naturalists and pay the Day Use Fee.  Coming up to the Farmhouse is the best way to get some information on what might be the best activities for your group!

How much does it cost to visit?

Up Yonda Farm has a $6 day use fee per vehicle in July/August and $5 per vehicle the rest of the year.

Do you have produce?

In the distant past Up Yonda Farm did have livestock and produce, but these days we’re an environmental education center.  We do offer fresh, local maple syrup and honey in our Farmhouse Welcome Center that has been produced by local family farms.

How much do your programs cost?

Most of our 1 hour programs have a fee of $5 per person.  Some of our make and take programs (walking sticks, bird/bat houses, bird feeders, holiday wreaths) do have an additional materials fee.

About our property

Do you have hiking trails?

Up Yonda has about 3 miles of well marked hiking trails that loop you around the property and give access to the Federal Hill Cemetery and our vista point overlooking Lake George.  Only the gravel section of the base loop is wheelchair accessible.

Are you currently renting snowshoes?

Maybe. If it’s July, we probably aren’t. If it is December, January, February, March, or April, then possibly, depending on how much snow there is at Up Yonda! You can check our Facebook page and current events page for up to date information. You can also give us a call during open hours at (518)644-9767.

Are you only for little kids or families?

No!  Up Yonda has activities for any nature lover.  If you’re into hiking, geocaching, learning about the natural history of the Adirondacks and Lake George area, maple sugaring, pollinators, Adirondack ponds, picnicking, or chilling out and looking at amazing views, we’ve got something for you.  Our updated museum has hands-on exhibits for all ages as well!

Can I rent out your pavilion or a building for a special event?

Sure, check out the Private Functions page on our website

About animals

Can I bring my service animal to Up Yonda Farm?

Yes you can bring your service animal if it is required because of a disability and if it has been trained to perform a task.

Can I bring my dog/cat/goldfish/alpaca with me on my visit?

No, Warren County Parks and Recreation which Up Yonda Farm is part of does not permit pets on their properties.  If you’re visiting Up Yonda Farm, the Warren County Fish Hatchery, or Fairgrounds, please leave your pets at home.

Can I pet the snapping turtle?

No, our educational animals are wild animals and do behave as such.  We do appreciate our guests leaving with as many fingers as they came with.

Help! I found an injured wild animal. What should I do?

Up Yonda Farm doesn't have the facilities or staff to care for injured wild animals. Instead, we recommend you call the emergency hotline number for North Country Wild Care at (518) 964-6740. Their volunteer team can connect you with a licensed rehabber. In New York you must possess a state wildlife rehabilitation license to care for injured or orphaned wildlife, please do not try to keep injured or orphaned wildlife as pets or at your home.