Program Details and Fees

Up Yonda Farm’s staff can present a wide variety of topics either at Up Yonda Farm or come to your location. Our nature programs can be a great supplement to the classroom education received by your students. The programs we offer compliment New York State core curricula, are NGSS aligned, and give the students an opportunity to learn in a very hands-on environment. All of our programs are offered rain or shine and can be presented indoors and outdoors.

  • Off-Site Cost:
    • $125 per hour for Warren County locations (plus materials)
    • $150 per hour for locations outside of Warren County, NY (plus materials)
  • On-Site Cost:
    • $5 per person plus material costs
  • Time:
    • Teacher chosen 30-90 minute sessions that can be scheduled consecutively anytime between 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
  • Group Size:
    • Maximum of 50 students per session
  • Off-Site Requirements:
    • Large open room
    • Smart Board or use of a screen, computer, and projector
    • Outside area for hiking, exploring, and/or group activities
    • If any of these requirements are not possible please let the staff at Up Yonda Farm know so other arrangements can be made.
  • Program Contents:
    • The naturalists at Up Yonda Farm are willing to work with all teachers to create a program suited to your class needs. We are willing to develop a new program based on a topic not listed as well as adapting current programs to fit a specific request.